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Plant-Animal Interaction

The plant-animal interaction cluster develops and evaluates grazing systems that are easily manageable, sustainable and maximizes grazing while reducing producer costs. Overview Year-round forage...
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Breeder's Toolbox

The breeder's toolbox cluster aims to generate a user-friendly breeding informatics platform and related databases that integrate genomic, genotypic and phenotypic data and to develop new...
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The Great Cover Crop Test

Jim Johnson, soils and crops consultant, answers a rancher's questions about which cover crop species work best in Oklahoma and Texas.

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Richard Mifflin Kleberg, Jr. Lectureship on Grazing Management

Food and fiber production – it all starts with the soil, water and plants capturing energy from the sun. Effective grazing management involves both science and art and is essential for long-term ranch success. This course provides students the tools to determine correct stocking rate – the ever-changing interface between plants and herbivores. Instructors will share from their wealth of grazing system experiences and emphasize the connection between strategic natural resource stewardship and achieving ranch goals. This lectureship—held in partnership with King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management will start participants down the trail to developing a sustainable grazing plan for their ranch.