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Strawberry DNAwesome

A step-by-step experiment from Noble Academy extracts DNA for hands-on learning.
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Making a Cloud with Liquid Nitrogen

What happens when 200°F water meets –321°F liquid nitrogen? A big boom and instant clouds! Frank Hardin, Ph.D., from Noble Academy demonstrates the explosive effect with a tub holding several liters...
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Planting mango seeds for Lubbe Farm's future

After my time in the north, I came back to Kampala and quickly got started helping with the different farm activities going on at Watoto.
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Sharing agricultural science with Ugandan students

Our very last day up north was spent at a childrens home called Otino Waa. We got the opportunity to teach a science class to a group of students there.
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How Does Soil Health Prevent Flooding and Drought?

Jim Johnson, a senior soils and crops consultant at Noble Research Institute, walks us through a rainfall simulation experiment. Can practicing soil health prevent flooding or drought? Is soil...