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Malay Saha, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Drought is the single most important constraint to crop productivity. Severe water limitations, especially for agricultural use, have been observed in many areas of...
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Carolyn Young, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Sustainable plant production is greatly influenced by plant-associated microorganisms. Beneficial microbes enhance plant growth and improve persistence, whereas...
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Kelly Craven, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem A confluence of events including an increase in population from 7 billion people to 11 billion by 2100 and a dwindling world supply of arable crop land and rock...
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Twain Butler, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem As new technologies and cultivars are developed, livestock producers need to know the best management practices and economics prior to making the decision to adopt...
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Jon Biermacher, Ph.D.

Jon Biermacher generates useful economic information in the areas of forage-based beef production and marketing, pecan production and marketing, and specialty agriculture production and marketing....
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Xuefeng Ma, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem During the winter season, warm-season grasses are dormant and unproductive. This contributes to a forage production gap between warm-season and cool-season perennials...
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Maria Monteros, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Challenges to local and global agriculture include: variable and unpredictable weather conditions that alter rainfall patters causing both flooding and droughts;...
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Elison Blancaflor, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Crop cultivars for sustainable agricultural systems should exhibit minimal growth and developmental defects when water and nutrients are limiting or when their...
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Wolf Scheible, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Phosphorus is one of the indispensable macronutrients for plant growth, development, and ultimately crop and forage yield. Millions of tons of synthetic phosphorus...
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Kiran Mysore, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem World population is increasing at an alarming rate. World food production has to increase by 70 to 80 percent in the next 20 to 30 years to feed the world. One aspect...
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