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Molecular and Biological Materials Core Facility

The Molecular and Biological Materials Core Facility hosts two major resources: molecular resources and biological materials.


For the molecular resources, the Molecular and Biological Materials Core Facility collected approximately 115,000 EST clones from Medicago truncatula and a BAC library from switchgrass. Biological materials include DNA pools and seeds from two M. truncatula mutant populations: fast neutron bombardment (FNB) deletion population and Tnt1 insertion population. For the Tnt1 mutant population, seeds from 21,700 regenerated lines were collected and 21,700 genomic DNA samples were pooled for PCR-based reverse genetic screening. For the Tnt1 population, more than 360,000 flanking sequence tags (FSTs) were recovered using TAIL-PCR. About 20,500 lines were screened for visible phenotypes. All FST sequences and other information can be found at bioinfo4.noble.org/mutant. The service is open to researchers worldwide.


  • Tnt1 Seeds Based on FST/Database
    • Request seeds of specific Tnt1 mutant lines based on BLAST search against FSTs or based on phenotypes in the database.
  • Tnt1 Reverse Screening
    • PCR-based screening for Tnt1 mutants in genes-of-interest from the pooled Tnt1 mutant DNAs.