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Forage Analysis Core Facility

The Forage Analysis Core Facility provides accurate and cost-effective high throughput forage quality analysis.


The Forage Analysis Core Facility assists Noble Research Institute researchers and agricultural specialists in their assessment and characterization of forage value. This supports livestock producers in the Southern Great Plains and provides plant fiber composition data for an expanding biofuel industry. The forage analysis laboratory occupies 1,100 square feet and is fitted out with standard laboratory benches, a dust containment/exhaust hood and chemical fume hoods.


Used for both forage fiber analysis and endophyte detection and identification:

  • Foss DS2500 Near Infrared Spectrophotometer
  • ANKOM200 Fiber Analyzer
  • Reflectoquant System – Nitrate Testing
  • (6) Applied Biosystems 2720 Thermal Cycler
  • (4) BioRad Sub-Cell GT
  • UVP – Gel Doc-It Imaging System


  • Forage quality analysis:
    • Crude Protein (CP)
    • Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF)
    • Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF)
    • Acid Detergent Lignin (ADL)
    • In Vitro True Dry Matter Digestibility (IVTDMD)
    • Mineral (Ca, P, Mg and K)
    • Nitrates
  • Endophyte detection and identification:
    • Perform endophyte DNA extraction, PCR amplification and DNA analysis using agarose gel electrophoresis.
    • Utilize Immunoblot Kits for detection of ergot alkaloids produced by the endophyte.