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Analytical Chemistry Core Facility

The primary goal of the Analytical Chemistry Core Facility is to provide quality analytical support in the area of mass spectrometry and ion chromatography.


The Analytical Chemistry Core Facility has multiple platforms for plant metabolites:

  • For primary metabolites, the core facility has an Agilent GC-TOF with a Gerstel MPS 2 autosampler and two GC/MS quad instruments: one is an Agilent 6890N GC with a 5973 inert mass selective detector and a 7683 autosampler; the other is an HP 6890 GC with an HP 5973 mass selective detector and autosampler.
  • For secondary metabolites, the facility has a Waters Acquity UPLC with photodiode array (PDA) detection coupled to a Waters Q-TOF Premier mass spectrometer for accurate mass.
  • For hormone and alkaloid analysis, the core facility has an Agilent 1290 UHPLC coupled to a 6430 Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometer.
  • Additional analysis platforms include a Dionex ICS 5000 system and a Waters Acquity UPLC coupled to a fluorescence detector (FLR). The Dionex ICS 5000 is used for the detection of anions, cations and sugars. The Waters Acquity UPLC/FLR system is used for metabolites that fluoresce, such as chlorophyll and alkaloids.

Services available for outside analysis on a fee-for-service basis are listed below. External researchers may contact the Analytical Chemistry Core manager for more information about service specifications and pricing.


  • GC/MS
    • Primary Metabolites (polar and nonpolar)
    • Lignin
  • Ion Chromatography
    • Cation
      • Lithium
      • Sodium
      • Ammonium
      • Potassium
      • Magnesium
      • Calcium
    • Anion
      • Fluoride
      • Chloride
      • Nitrite
      • Bromide
      • Nitrate
      • Malate
      • Sulfate
      • Phosphate
      • Phosphite
  • UHPLC/Triple Quadrupole
    • JA (Jasmonic acid)
    • SA (Salicylic acid)
    • IAA (Indole-3-acetic acid)
    • MeJA (Methyl jasmonate)
    • ABA (2-Cis,4-trans-abscisic acid)