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Genomics focuses on understanding how the instructions coded in DNA lead to growth and development of plants and microorganisms. Noble Research Institute genomic-related programs encompass both the creation and use of a variety of research tools to explore and decipher the complexities of plant and microbe growth, development and function.

Functions important to Noble Research Institute research initiatives include nutrient use, defenses against disease and pests, and responses to stimulus and stress factors. Noble scientists are engaged in functional genomics and use resources – created at the Noble Research Institute for use around the world – to identify specific gene(s) that control these functions.

Translational genomics programs generate and use additional resources, such as molecular markers, to tag specific genes that then can be used to identify plants with desirable traits. These DNA tags can be used to accelerate the integration of key traits through molecular breeding and develop new forage cultivars with improved characteristics (for example, disease resistance or increased productivity under stress conditions).