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Employee Benefits and Perks

Noble Research Institute employees receive a generous package of benefits and perks as outlined below. Only full-time salaried employees are eligible for benefits.

Competitive Salaries

The Noble Research Institute, in accordance with the institution's written salary administration program, regularly evaluates compensation levels for its employees. Noble Research Institute salaries are consistent with, and often exceed, salaries provided by academic or other research institutions. Competitive salaries coupled with a lower cost of living in Ardmore provide extra value for our employees.

Incentive Pay Plan

As part of the total compensation package, the Noble Research Institute offers a discretionary incentive plan with key organizational goals that support the mission, vision and values. The taxable incentive award can be based upon Institute-wide or individual efforts.

Health Insurance

Employees are eligible to enroll in health coverage from the first day of employment. If the employee has enrolled in health coverage, they may also enroll any eligible spouse and dependents. They may choose between a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). 

Employees share in the cost of the health plans through pretax semimonthly premiums; however, each employee has the opportunity to reduce their premium through his/her voluntary participation in the Noble Research Institute Wellness Program.

Dental Insurance

Employees, any eligible spouse and dependents are eligible to enroll in dental coverage. Along with routine preventive care, this voluntary benefit plan provides coverage for basic and major restorative services. Employees share in the cost of the dental plan through pretax semimonthly premiums.

Other Benefits

Vision coverage includes benefits for eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses. Employees pay the full cost of this plan and premiums are deducted on a pretax basis.

Group life insurance equal to two times the employee's annual salary is provided at no cost to employees by the Noble Research Institute. Employees may purchase additional life insurance coverage for them and their dependents through Mutual of Omaha. Premiums vary dependent upon age and coverage amounts and are deducted on an after-tax basis.

Cancer and accident insurance is offered through AFLAC. Premiums vary dependent upon coverage amounts and are deducted on a pretax basis.

Retirement Plan – DC Plan

Full-Time employees (except postdoctoral fellows) are eligible to participate in the Noble Research Institute's Defined Contribution plan. The plan provides a benefit based on a formula using pay and service. The Noble Research Institute pays the full cost of the plan through annual discretionary contributions. Participating employees may choose any combination from an extensive list of managed investment options. Vesting occurs after three years of full-time employment. Discretionary contributions are allocated on the basis of pay and years of service as follows:

compensation table

Retirement Plan – 401(k) Plan

Full-time employees are eligible to participate in the Noble Research Institute's 401(k) plan. Participating employees can contribute (pretax) dollars equal to 1 percent or more of their base salary. The Noble Research Institute matches 70 cents for each dollar invested up to 6 percent of the contributing employee's base salary, and after 10 years of employment the Noble Research Institute matches $1 for each dollar invested up to 6 percent of the contributing employee's base salary. Vesting occurs after three years of full-time employment. Participating employees may choose from an extensive list of externally managed investment options.

Temporary Housing

When accommodations are available, new employees are provided housing in on-campus apartments or other Noble Research Institute housing for up to two weeks. This gives the new employee an opportunity to identify and select property in Ardmore. These accommodations are available at no direct cost to the employee; however, the employee will be responsible for any applicable taxes related to this benefit.

Arrival Services

The Noble Research Institute assists new employees in finding appropriate housing and obtaining social security cards, local bank accounts and other necessities.

Defensive Driving Classes

On-campus defensive driving classes are provided at no cost to the employee. Completion of the class may lead to discounts on automobile insurance.

Health, Fitness and Sports

Noble Research Institute employees and spouses have access to an on-campus fitness facility. Employees further enjoy free health screenings and educational seminars on nutrition and exercise. Noble Research Institute employees are eligible for discounted individual and family memberships at the Ardmore YMCA. The Noble Research Institute participates in a corporate league in sports such as volleyball, bowling and softball.

Employee Garden

Near central campus, the Noble Research Institute has provided a small acreage that may be used by employees to raise fruits and vegetables. In many instances, non-U.S. employees use the garden area to grow fruits and vegetables native to their home country that might not otherwise be readily available in the U.S. or the local area.

Outdoor Recreational Facilities

Fishing and other outdoor recreation opportunities are available to employees and their families on the Noble Research Institute campus and area farms.

Seminars and Training

The Noble Research Institute offers a wide variety of training and informational seminars. Past seminars and training include: time management, grant writing, software training, health and nutrition improvement, stress management, first aid, CPR, and English as a second language. These seminars and workshops are offered at no direct cost to the employee.

Employee Social Functions

The Noble Research Institute hosts a family picnic (summer), a family movie night (summer), a Christmas party and employee-only social mixers.