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Visits to the Noble Research Institute

The Noble Research Institute will provide lodging in Ardmore, usually at the Noble Research Institute Conference Center, if an overnight stay is required during a candidate's interview process. Please contact the human resources department (580-224-6230) for more information.

Permanent Housing

Apartment rentals start at approximately $480 per month in Ardmore. Most rental units are multiunit complexes or single-family houses. Properties for purchase are considerably less than national averages. For properties to either rent or purchase, consult Ardmore property classified advertisements:

Daily Ardmoreite Housing Search

Relocation Assistance

As a service to incoming, full-time employees, the human resources department provides assistance in identifying appropriate housing as well as providing information about proximity to schools, shopping and other needs.

Service Establishment

Once an employee finds their housing of choice, the following link will provide helpful guidance in securing utilities and other discretionary services:

Relocation Information