2017 Archive

Cover Crops Add Diversity for Wildlife

Cover crops can add diversity to a system to benefit wildlife species in addition to extending the grazing season and improving soil health.

Cover Crop Economic Considerations

Many factors should be considered to determine the economic value of cover crops.

Is Prescribed Fire a Friend or Foe to Soil Health?

Without fire on rangelands, many of the soil health building principles are much harder to achieve.

Observations of 20-Plus Cover Crop Species

Noble Research Institute staff have experimented with growing cover crops in various environments in the Ardmore, Oklahoma, area over the past several years. Here are some observations.

Cover Crops: A Tool in Agricultural Production

Cover crops are a tool in agricultural production just as tractors and herbicides are tools. When used correctly and with purpose, they can be effective. When used incorrectly or with unrealistic expectations, they can be harmful.


The 2016 Annual Report "Connect" is a retrospective look at 2016 and how we connect our programming, how we connect the various segments of agriculture, and how agriculture connects to the world.

Botball Meets Agriculture

The Noble Research Institute helped sponsor the 2017 Global Conference on Educational Robotics, which featured a farm-themed International Botball Tournament.

Capitol State of Mind

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Reagan National Airport. Local time is 2:33 p.m., and the temperature is 78 degrees. On behalf of American Airlines and the entire crew, I’d like to thank you for...

Time to Collect Pecan Leaf Samples

Beginning and maintaining a leaf sample testing regimen is an important step in establishing an efficient fertilization program, which can maximize productivity while saving money by pinpointing specific nutrient needs.

Quality Seed: The First Step to a Successful Crop

We can't control weather and markets, but we can almost always use good quality seed. James Locke, soils and crops consultant, shares the components of quality seed.