2016 Archive

Ag census sheds light on farming, ranching trends

Five trends in agriculture emerge from Census of Agriculture data.

Cattle sellers should consult sale barn on yearling criteria

One of the best cattle marketing strategies in the current market is to turn a calf into a yearling.

Federal Pecan Marketing Order aims to stabilize market

In 2015, I wrote about the proposed Federal Marketing Order (FMO) for pecans. On May 6, 2016, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that the order passed by an overwhelming majority of pecan...

Grazing cover crops requires management and balance

Mixed-species forage crops can have similar benefits as traditional cover crops.

Increased crop residue provides production, cost benefits

Benefits to managing for increased residue include reduced soil erosion and equipment costs.

Landowners help shape the next generation of hunters

Many youth miss out on opportunities to hunt because they don't have access to property.

Timeliness plays critical role in agricultural operations

In some instances, the benefit of timeliness can be measured.

Following Footsteps

When I first began my time here in Uganda, I expected to be following and working alongside the managers at the various Watoto Sustainability Projects to expand my knowledge. I have been learning...

National research project receives historic funding, set to advance DNA fingerprint system in pecans

Six national institutions have become the first multistate and multidisciplinary study to receive funding specifically to work on pecans.

Challenges and Flexibility

In Uganda, no plans you make are certain. I have learned this lesson repeatedly in the past two weeks. People are late. Traffic slows operations. Products don't always arrive on time. Repairs don't...