2016 Archive

Sprayer calibration promotes safe, effective pesticide use

Resources are available to help properly calibrate boom, boomless and air blast sprayers.

Policymakers, retailers influence production agriculture

The challenges the industry faces today are not as clear-cut as just producing more with less or keeping a few more records to broaden marketing opportunities.

Research shows economics of pasture conversion

Benefits of nativegrass mixtures on the Southern Great Plains have increased interest in effective methods of converting improved pastureland areas to nativegrass pastures.

Agriculture remains better positioned for future

The agriculture industry is much better positioned to weather the next few years than the industry was in the 1980s.

Oh how times flies

It's hard to think about leaving a place you have come to love. I have done it before and I know I will have to do it again, but this time seems a little different. 

Elementary students demonstrate computer coding skills

Cheers erupted when a robot programmed by a group of Lincoln Elementary School students successfully pushed three cans behind the start line of their challenge mat.

Making a Cloud with Liquid Nitrogen

What happens when 200°F water meets –321°F liquid nitrogen? A big boom and instant clouds! Frank Hardin, Ph.D., from Noble Academy demonstrates the explosive effect with a tub holding several liters...

Students learn science, agriculture with hands-on activities

Microscopes, plants, a drone and eighth graders filled the Hardy Murphy Coliseum arena Wednesday and Thursday.

Voice of the voiceless

I have learned a lot of acronyms this week while working with PELUM Uganda. PELUM stands for Participatory Ecological Land Use Management. PELUM is a network of 53 like-minded organizations supporting small holder farmers and ecological land use.

Students learn, explore agriculture safety at annual event

Seventeen fifth-graders stood behind a short concrete wall and belted out the alphabet song in an attempt to be heard over the rumble of a tractor.