2015 Archive

Pond dam repair offers opportunity to improve design

Improving spillway design can help reduce or eliminate future problems.

Online tool makes grazing record-keeping more productive

Keeping grazing records to make management decisions is essential in a grazing management operation.

Cost management keeps cow-calf production profitable

What cow-calf producers should do to operate now while planning ahead for lower calf prices.

Hay-buying tips help producers select best value

The haying situation this spring and early summer has been a little different than usual due to the prolonged and widespread rains.


As I watched this ballet of wind and water elementals I thought quietly to myself—actually I had to scream-think it because of the noise of the maelstrom – "Boy, was this Iowa boy ever ignorant. How could I ever have thought that this place was a desert?"

Rain is not always a good thing

Before I left home to head to Ardmore, I was told numerous times that I needed a boat in order to get around. I didn’t take much heed to this advice, though I almost needed to.

Sharing agricultural science with Ugandan students

Our very last day up north was spent at a childrens home called Otino Waa. We got the opportunity to teach a science class to a group of students there.

Journey to Nobility

I’m now looking forward to this coming summer in Ardmore with the Noble Foundation. I can’t wait to unveil the mysteries of science with my fellow scholars and lab members.  

Becoming a Scientist

This summer, I hope to complete a project that contributes to a larger goal of improving how farmers around the world are able to grow their crops. 

Destination: Nebraska

I have traveled a couple of miles in my short lifetime, but generally my time has been spent inside conference centers. This trip was a little different.