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Oklahoma Must Address Cedar Encroachment

Noble Foundation wildlife specialist Russell Stevens remembers going out with his family in December to look for and cut just the right Christmas tree. Of course, it had to be an evergreen, Stevens said, and 35 years ago, just like now, the only evergreen tree native to Love County, Okla., was eastern red cedar.

Strawberry DNAwesome

A step-by-step experiment from Noble Academy extracts DNA for hands-on learning.

Safety for All

The Noble Research Institute continues tradition of teaching home and farm safety to area students.

Playground Education

At its core, a schoolyard playground is nothing more than a miniaturized training ground for life.

Less is More

Noble Research Institute researchers search for ways to develop crop plants that require fewer finite resources.

Saying goodbye to Mr. Snodgrass

Mr. Snodgrass became president and chief executive officer of the Noble Research Institute in 1982. Under his thoughtful leadership, the Noble Research Institute made great strides in research and expanded its agricultural programs.

The Fruits of Their Labor

Five Oklahoma farmers and ranchers share their stories the stories behind our food and why they love producing it.

Banking on Miracles

A Noble Research Institute grant helps the Oklahoma Blood Institute open the state's first public cord blood bank.

Agriculture By the Numbers (Part II) infographic

The agriculture sector not only feeds and clothes the world, but the steady stream of goods and products fuels the United States and global economics.

A Center for All

The new Center for Pecan and Specialty Agriculture adds opportunities for ag education and collaboration