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Integrity Beef pays dividends in high cattle markets

Large and small ranches benefit equally from participating in Integrity Beef Alliance.

Lubbe Farm: It's amaizing!

This week in Uganda has been full of excitement. I spent the week at the Lubbe Vegetable Farm. Maize harvest and preparations for the next planting season are in full force.

What's cooking at the chicken farm?

My first week in Uganda has been great.

Africa: Take two

I get ready to leave for Uganda, I am full of mixed emotions.

Thank you, Uganda

I think my time in Uganda has impacted me in ways that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Saint Monica's

On our way back home from the north to Kampala we stopped by a place called Saint Monica's Tailoring School in Gulu, Uganda.

Omer Farm

During my final week in Uganda, I went to the northern part of the country with Steve Swigert, agricultural economics consultant at the Noble Research Institute, and a group that came over from the U.S. to help build silos at Omer Farm.

Alex arrives! The equator and Murchison Falls National Park

My husband came to visit for my last two weeks in Uganda.

Depth, watershed considerations guide pond design

Two characteristics that should be considered before constructing a new pond are depth and watershed.

Planning for drought in rain promotes future success

There are several management practices that can be implemented to ensure pasture recovery and additional reserves.