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EPDs benefit terminal production systems

Surprisingly, I still find that many producers do not use expected progeny differences (EPDs) as a primary selection tool for their bull.

A sharp pencil

"Roller coaster" has been a common word in the agricultural community recently. I can't help but entertain a mental image of cowboys at a carnival, cotton candy in the hands of tough, weathered men wearing hats and blue jeans, all waiting to ride the Super Dragon.

Becoming Fluent in Oklahoman Agriculture

Feral hogs, branding laws, drought, grasshoppers. For most producers in Oklahoma, these words stir up feelings of frustration, stress or dread.

When at first you do not succeed, you must try, try again

Looking at the stubborn seeds that had refused to germinate, it was clear that we would be repeating the experiment for the third time. The 360 sad, little Medicago truncatula seeds stared up at me from within their plastic tubes and refused to offer any usable data.

Perspectives of a Mountaineer

After coming down from an epic hike in the Wichita Mountains, I thought it fitting to attend the Noble Foundation's latest installment of the Profiles and Perspectives Community Enrichment Series.

The Smell of Research

Twice a week for the last month, we have helped Ira and Seth with the rotational grazing project by collecting fecal and forage samples from 24 calves on 12, one-acre paddocks. The goal is to gather information about what the cattle eat and how plant communities respond in different grazing situations.

The Addison Perspective

It was a wet and unusually cool day for southern Oklahoma as four ag scholars crawled into the suburban to make the trek to the Addison ranch.

Flashbacks, Fun and Finishing Strong

I am really trying to make the most of my time here in Ardmore. Today, we had a meeting about our final presentations. For my presentation I will be attempting to sum up the past three months of my life here into a mere 10-minute PowerPoint.

BoarBuster in Action: A long-awaited round up

Last Wednesday night we got one of the emails we'd been anticipating all summer. The subject line was only one word, "Hogs," but we knew what the message said before we even opened it.

Agvocacy: Harvesting Our Creativity to Make a Difference

The scope of my knowledge broadens on a daily basis here, as I am constantly learning not only from Noble Research Institute employees but also from my fellow scholars.