2013 Archive

A Noble calling

If you need to find Steve Swigert, most days he'll be working in the Noble Research Institute's Agricultural Division. Weave through the building to the back hallway and there's his office. You'll know it's his, because some of the pictures and knickknacks seemingly don't match the man or the industry.

Landed in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam airport has that distinctive European feel. Slick marketing billboards strategically position their wares on every corner. Hipsters with skinny jeans and coiffed hair saunter nowhere in particular. And our party has found the airport McDonald's and Starbucks. This will be the last taste of the West for a while.

Meet little Timmy

The dewy weekday morning represented the first leg of a grand adventure to Uganda.

Uganda or bust

Everything I know about Africa comes from two (fairly unreliable) sources: "Feed the children" commercials and the 1982 Toto song. (Sing it with me: I bless the rains down in Africa.) Not what you'd call a deep well of knowledge.

Conserving roost sites helps maintain Rio Grande turkey

Fall and winter roost habitat may be the most critical and limited Rio Grande turkey habitat. Wild turkeys roost in relatively tall, mature trees with large crowns, spreading horizontal branches, and relatively few woody plants and tall herbaceous plants under their canopies.

New animal identification rules aid disease traceability

The USDA has initiated the Animal Disease Traceability Program to track interstate livestock movement. The new rule replaces the previous unpopular version of the National Animal Identification System and pertains to all livestock, including cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

Does fertilizer still pay for stocker operations?

The price of fertilizer has been on the rise, and old rules of thumb can no longer be used with today's high fertilizer and cattle prices.

Rainfall and forage data guide stocking decisions

The adage "you cannot manage what you do not measure" has many applications, including stocking rate or, more accurately, carrying capacity. However, in the management of beef cattle operations, carrying capacity has traditionally received little attention.

Aquatic vegetation establishment promotes resource goals

Aquatic vegetation can be beneficial when the right species in the right abundance are present. Some benefits of aquatic vegetation are erosion control, improved water quality, cover and food for many wildlife species.

Mobile app aids prescribed burn management

Prescribed fire is a powerful tool that can be used to achieve management goals and manipulate vegetation. When conducting a burn, good communication between the burn crew members is critical for conducting it safely.