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Pecan Leaf Sampling

Nutrient management is essential for a successful pecan orchard or grove. With the high cost of fertilizer and the labor required for application, it is critical to accurately account for the nutrient needs of the tree for successful pecan management.

Continuing Repercussions of the 2011 Drought

Limited rainfall and record heat forced the liquidation of livestock, the likes of which most of us have never seen in our lifetimes. Only the most astute land managers will recover quickly, while the majority will experience lasting effects. It may take as many as three to five years for some to fully recover and that is only if we see good years along the way.

Using Surface Water for Drip Irrigation

Many growers have no choice but to rely on pond or stream water for irrigation because groundwater is too deep to justify the cost of drilling or the quality is too poor to be used for irrigation.

Drought Management

Updated February 2018*While the years and numbers mentioned in this publication may be outdated, the strategies and principles listed are still accurate.* Drought can be defined simply as 75 percent...

Supplemental Feeding of Northern Bobwhites

It seems to make sense that survival and abundance of bobwhites would increase by increasing food abundance and improving nutrition through supplemental feed. However, when dealing with nature, things are rarely that simple.

Summer Nitrogen Sources - Which Is Best?

Now that ammonium nitrate has become so expensive and all but impossible to get, anyone who needs to apply nitrogen during hot weather should evaluate the alternatives.

Using a Plate Meter to Measure Forage Productivity

The goal of many graziers is to increase forage production and utilization. A key component of increasing utilization is the ability to accurately determine forage mass. While some seasoned practitioners have a keen ability to visually estimate forage mass, the rest of us need some objective help.

The Economics of Spinach and Tomatoes Grown in Hoop Houses

Hoop house structures are becoming increasingly popular among growers and horticultural enthusiasts. View Publication

The Economics of Strawberries and Squash Grown in Hoop Houses

Hoop house structures are becoming increasingly popular among growers and horticultural enthusiasts. To provide more economic information to growers and horticultural enthusiasts, the Noble Research...

Managing a Stunted Largemouth Bass Fishery

Many small lakes and ponds across the country are not actively managed for quality or trophy largemouth bass. However, if fishing for largemouth bass is an important goal, lack of or improper management can result in a stunted largemouth bass fishery.