2011 Archive

Fall and Winter Management of Toxic Tall Fescue

The Noble Research Institute recently undertook a study that may shed some light on management strategies for dealing with toxic tall fescue during fall and winter.

Be Prepared for Winter Weather

Stocker cattle producers have many challenges to manage: animal health, increasing costs of inputs and fluctuating cattle prices. However, one of the most difficult challenges may be Mother Nature.

Winterizing Sprayers

Finalizing the winter livestock feeding program is a priority for producers at the end of each year. It's also a good time to look at another important fall/early winter activity: winterizing equipment, especially sprayers.

The Seeds of Success

Sam Noble Scholarships change lives of area students and the future of agriculture.

New Opportunities

Advanced breeding methods and a novel endophyte combine to offer agricultural producers a new alternative for winter grazing.

Launching a Career

When China native Chang-Jun Liu arrived at the Noble Research Institute in 1999 for a four-year postdoctoral fellowship, he fully expected to broaden his research experience and abilities. He also surmised he would learn about life in America. It was his first experience outside his homeland. What he received was more than even he expected.

Growth Potential

More and more, farmers and ranchers are planting pecan orchards, hoping to grow a brighter financial future. In support of the pecan growers, Charles Rohla, Ph.D., builds on more than 30 years of pecan research tradition at the Noble Research Institute, studying ways to maximize the wonder nut's production and developing more effective management strategies.

Protecting Your Property From Wildfire

The likelihood of wildfires occurring increases during late fall and winter months due to dormant grass, fallen tree leaves and periods of high winds and low humidities.

Integrity Beef Alliance: Marketing Value-stacked Calves

The beef cattle industry has several Value Added Calf programs through which beef producers may market calves. The Integrity Beef Alliance is one such program.

Learning From the Drought of 2011

The drought of 2011 will not soon be forgotten. It's been a year of record low rainfall and record high temperatures.