2010 Archive

Tips to Protect Your Cattle and Property

Cattle rustling can conjure up different thoughts depending on who you are. Some imagine a scene from an old western where bandana-wearing cowboys gather up a herd of cows and drive them to a distant and secret location. Unfortunately, cattle rustling is still a serious issue.

Food Requirements for Different Animals

Have you ever wondered why ruminant livestock such as cattle, sheep and goats, or wildlife such as deer, elk and bison eat what they do?

Fireguards - Which One Is Right for You?

Proper fireguards (fire breaks) can prevent a fire from escaping the burn unit during a prescribed burn. So what types of fireguards are best for your burn unit? The answer to that question is the...

The Feral Hog in Oklahoma

Introduction Oklahomans have enjoyed or cursed feral hogs (Sus scrofa) in the southeastern and eastern parts of the state for several years. Oklahomans in many other areas of the state are following...

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