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What to Do With the Wheat Crop?

Assuming the region has received sufficient moisture between now and February to allow a wheat crop to develop this spring, several options are available to a producer with a wheat crop start thinking about the economics of graze-out versus harvest for grain.

State Programs Help Landowners Manage White-tailed Deer Populations

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have programs to help land managers better manage deer habitat and deer populations. Here's an overview of each state's offering.

If Thinning or Removing a Pecan Orchard, 'Wood' You Consider This?

If you are thinning or removing a pecan orchard, it may be beneficial to look at marketing options for getting rid of the wood rather than having to burn it all.

Act Now to Re-establish Turfgrass

If you'd like to see grass instead of bald patches in your yard, it is not too early to plan to re-establish spots in the lawn that are bare or exhibit a light stand of turfgrass.

New Research Economist Will Enhance Ag Division's R & D Projects

The new research economist's job is to help Ag Division scientists and specialists design experiments that will provide the necessary data useful in determining the economic feasibility of alternative systems and technologies developed by the Noble Research Institute.

Do You Need to Topdress Winter Pasture?

Two things that will affect the need for topdressing winter pasture with nitrogen (N) fertilizer in the spring are drought this fall and the amount of N fertilizer applied at or since planting.

NAIS Premises IDs Now Available

The livestock industry has been and is still moving toward the National Animal Identification System, or NAIS - here is an update on the current status.

Foundation Researches Alfalfa Grazing in the Southern Great Plains

In 2001, the Noble Research Institute began a study to evaluate the potential of grazing alfalfa in the southern Great Plains region. The results are detailed here.

Thinking About Seeded Bermudagrass? Consider This...

Making the decision of whether to establish bermudagrass from either sprigs or seed is not very clear cut. Certain items need to be considered in order to make a fully informed decision between establishing sprigs or seed.
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