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Noble Tackles Alternative Fuels, Will Join in Upcoming Governor's Biofuels Conference

Ethanol is a subject that residents of North Texas and Oklahoma largely hear about from other parts of the country - there are few places to purchase ethanol/gasoline blends in our area, and ethanol is not a product that our states produce in any measurable quantities. Why? Most of the ethanol in the United States is produced from corn, and production facilities and distribution points tend to be located in the Midwest, where 200-plus bushels per acre is commonplace.

Is My Fertilizer Still There?

One of the most common inquiries I get around this time of year in very dry years goes like this: "I put out fertilizer on my pasture this spring, and it hasn't rained much. I've had very little grass growth. Is the fertilizer still there? If so, how long will it stay there?" The quick answer is it's probably still there. The more informative answer is a bit more involved, but I'll try to explain it as simply as possible.

Will Disking Increase Bobwhite Abundance?

To increase quail numbers, the factor limiting their numbers must be identified and corrected. In most years and in most situations, plant food production is generally not the limiting factor. Thus, disking seldom increases bobwhite abundance because it does not address the issues that usually limit bobwhite numbers. However, food availability can limit quail numbers.

Rising Costs Will Affect Break-Evens on Cow-Calf Enterprises

Cow-calf producers have seen interest rates and energy, fertilizer, freight, corn and hay prices increase over the past few years. There doesn't seem to be any relief in the immediate future. As cost per cow increases, so do break-even prices for weaned calves. How sensitive are the break-evens to fluctuations in costs? What can producers do to improve their operations?

How Many Open Cows Will You Feed This Winter?

With the end of the spring breeding season coming to a close, it's time to start planning the next step for the cows in your herd - pregnancy evaluation. Pregnancy evaluation in cattle is an important and valuable management tool. Checking the pregnancy status of your cow herd allows you to make timely culling decisions and focus your resources on the sound, reliable breeders in the herd.

Don't Overlook Proper Accounting for Bulk-Purchased Inputs

Like us, many producers purchase inputs such as fuel, fertilizer, hay and feed in bulk quantities in order to obtain price discounts. Although this can be viewed as "smart shopping" on the part of the producer, it has serious implications to farm management decisions if the bulk-purchased inputs are not expensed across the enterprises correctly.

Plan For Winter Pasture During Summer's Heat

Planting season for winter pasture is rapidly approaching, and, after the lack of rainfall in our geographic region last fall and winter, there will be less cereal rye and wheat seed available this year. Therefore, if you have not located a source of seed for winter pasture, you'd better start now and reserve your needs as soon as possible.

Use These Moisture Management Tips for Landscapes, Gardens

Whether you live in the city or the country, the cost of keeping your garden and landscape watered continues to escalate. To get the most out of your irrigation dollar, consider adopting some of the following moisture management strategies.

Weigh Pros, Cons When Choosing Summer Nitrogen Source

Deciding what source to use for summer nitrogen can be difficult, because each has its pros and cons. The deciding factor for most producers is their tolerance for risk versus the cost for each type of nitrogen fertilizer.

Oaks Win 'MVP' Honors

If you were creating a list of important wildlife plants for the Noble Research Institute's service area, oaks would certainly be at or near the top of the list.