2005 Archive

Take Advantage of Your Pecan Crop

The 2004 pecan crop in Oklahoma and North Texas was historic, It was estimated in the fall that Oklahoma would harvest 28 million pounds of pecans for 2004. That was 22 million pounds more than the previous year. At any rate, if you have pecan trees, you need to be ready to take advantage of the situation.

Learn Livestock's 'Hierarchy of Nutrient Use'

We get a lot of calls this time of year about winter cow nutrition and body condition. Cow body condition is a relative term used to describe the level of fatness or fleshiness. Some of the pieces of the puzzle vary with the class, but the basics don't vary and the mystery is not very deep.

Who Is a Good Tax Preparer?

One should employ the services of a competent tax preparer who is knowledgeable of the sections of the tax code that pertain to agriculture. Finding the right preparer can be somewhat of a challenge, however.

American Woodcock Known for Odd Appearance, Courtship Displays

Timberdoodle, bog snipe, brush snipe, Labrador twister - these are just a few of the aliases of the American woodcock. Perhaps the least-known "game bird" in Oklahoma and Texas, the woodcock is a member of the wading bird family, Scolopacidae, which includes common snipe, plovers and killdeer.

Make the Upcoming National ID System Work for You

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that a national animal identification system is coming in the near future. There are several issues to think about related to a national ID system.

Consider These Factors When Deciding on a Feedyard

The following are items that need to be compared and examined when selecting a feedyard: location, reputation, appearance, feed system, management, costs, financing and selling.

It's Time to Top-dress Winter Pasture

February is typically the time when top-dress applications of N are made to small grains for graze out or for grain harvest.

Ag Division's Research and Demonstration Projects Support Consulting

While demonstration will continue to be a meaningful portion of our effort, the primary area of emphasis will be to design, implement, analyze and report results for research projects primarily originating from issues the Ag Division consultants encounter while working with cooperators.

Explore Forage Alternatives in Southern Plains Pecan Orchards

In contrast to pecan production in the southwest, most of the pecan orchards in this region also consist of a base forage, giving producers the benefit of having multiple enterprises.

Bobwhite Habitat Should be Managed Through Proper Grazing, Burning or Rest

Many landowners in the Noble Research Institute's service area want to have bobwhites on their properties and frequently ask us about ways to increase bobwhite abundance. Land management tools such as grazing, burning and rest can improve or harm bobwhite habitat, depending upon how they are applied and the situation where they are applied.