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Beef Quality Assurance Programs Benefit Producers, Consumers

BQA is a program that is nationally sponsored by the National Cattleman's Beef Association (NCBA). The program's mission is "& to maximize consumer confidence in and acceptance of beef by focusing the industry's attention on beef quality assurance through the use of science, research and educational initiatives."

Recent Effective Rains Have Benefitted Forage

The term "effective precipitation" means precipitation which is actually captured in the soil profile and available for plant growth.

When Considering A.I., Be Prepared

These tips will help you be better prepared in the future if you elect to use A.I. in your cattle operation.

Even An Up-trending Cattle Market Has Challenges

In today's cattle market, it is difficult to accurately define high cattle prices. How do you decide when to sell and when to buy or even if to buy or possibly to retain ownership?

Deer Management Is a Year-Round Process

During the long, hot days of summer, interest in deer management often takes a back seat to fishing, boating, vacations, etc. However, people interested in deer need to keep in mind that deer management is a year-round process.

Soil Test Before Land Purchase

Many things besides productivity may drive a buyer's decision for purchasing a particular parcel of land however, if more than one parcel is an option, a soil test can be worth its weight in gold in determining the better buy.

Consulting Teams Begin Work in Specific Regions

Most of you are aware that the Agricultural Division provides consulting services to land managers in 47 counties in southern Oklahoma and north-central Texas. In the past, all four consulting teams...

Grasses of Southern Oklahoma and North Texas: A Pictorial Guide Now Available

Many of you have seen the Plant Image Gallery on the Noble Research Institute's Web site, and most News and Views readers have seen the notices about the "plant book" publication set to arrive this...

Quality of Native Plant Forage Species Important to White-tailed Deer and Goats in South Central Oklahoma

Deer or goat production can be viable enterprises for many landowners. In many areas, native forb and woody plant communities are capable of meeting the nutritional requirements of deer and goat....

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Pasture maintenance is much the same as vehicle maintenance - if you want your pastures to be productive over an acceptable time frame, you must pay attention to details, just like you should with your vehicle.