2003 Archive

Tips May Help Cut Down on Water Gap Labor

We have devised some pretty good ideas for cutting down on water gap labor. Granted, there are always going to be those areas that will wash out no matter what you do - but maybe some of these ideas will help you cut down on time spent repairing them.

'First Things First' When Purchasing Stocker Calves this Fall

I want to stress the importance of calculating a breakeven because this practice is far too often overlooked. What this article does pertain to is a very important component of assessing margin, especially for stocker cattle producers.

Update: Infrared-Triggered Camera Surveys

In last year's August and December issues of Ag News and Views, I addressed some of the assumptions associated with infrared-triggered camera surveys. With another year of data collection under our belt, I thought I would update you on the findings.

Management Guidelines Can Help Improve Pasture Condition, Optimize Forage Utilization

General management strategies for maintaining or improving the condition of your pastures while optimizing forage utilization by livestock.

What Does This Number Mean?

What do the numbers on this soil test report mean? It is a question I hear often, so don't feel alone if you have asked it.

July is Critical in Forage Decision Making

Pastures should have a surplus of forage as of mid-July, either as standing forage or hay if reserves are not adequate to pasture cattle through the remainder of the growing season, then alternatives need to be evaluated.

Cooperative Efforts Improve Deer Herd

The Walnut Bayou Deer Management Association has been making huge strides toward meeting its deer management goals.

Recreation Motivates Texas Land Buyers

Recreation is the primary motive fueling the rural Texas land market, according to research from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.

New Farm Bill Has Tax Implications

Any time there is money received by a taxpayer engaged in the business of farming from a government program, there are generally income tax implications for the payment(s) received.

Feeding, Culling Are Main Drought Considerations

When you live in Oklahoma or Texas, drought management should never be far from your mind.