2003 Archive

Improved Cattle Profits May Increase Tax Liabilities

When times are good and profits abound, we have to share with Uncle Sam and often his share can be substantial.

Limit-Grazing Winter Pasture with Mature Cattle

In limit-grazing situations when managed properly, winter pasture can be used by mature cattle very efficiently - as a protein supplement.

Fence-Line Weaning: What's All the Hype?

Recently, the opportunity arose to conduct a demonstration comparing calves that were weaned across from their dams (fence-line) to those that were completely removed from their dams and drylotted during the weaning process (traditional).

How Big is a Scoop?

Because "scoop" is a relatively ambiguous term, it is critical to know how big your scoop is when feeding horses.

Hoop House Strawberries: Taking Berry Production to the Next Level

Beginning October 2002 and lasting through May 2003, a study was conducted at the Noble Research Institute Horticulture Center in our 23-foot by 68-foot triple side-vent hoop house to evaluate the performance of five commercial strawberry varieties: Chandler, "Camarosa," "Sweet Charlie," "Treasure," "Gaviota" and one experimental line, "JP4," grown in a hoop house environment.

Are You In The Right Ballpark?

The "ballparking" method can make judging proper pasture use a little more interesting.

Protect Yourself from High N Fertilizer Costs

This fall, the price of natural gas will not change much, and therefore N fertilizer prices will not be impacted. However, next spring it may.

Forage Variety Production Notes: Bermudagrass and Cool-Season Perennial Grass Evaluations

An update on the Foundation's bermudagrass and cool-season perennial grass evaluations.

What to Do About Replacement Cows

Should you be retaining heifers this fall or trying to buy bred cows or bred heifers?

Rotenone Can Remove Undesirable Fish From a Pond

Humans have been using rotenone for centuries to harvest fish and manipulate fish communities.