2001 Archive

Hybrid Hype

Hybrid fishes occur naturally and are raised in hatcheries. Many hybrids have lower fertility but seem to exhibit better growth rates and catchability than the parent species.

Some Thoughts on Selecting the Cow Herd

When making selection decisions in the cow herd, producers should not forget the simple concept of relative economic value. Reproductive traits are considered ten times more important than product traits and five times more important than production traits.

Unit Cost of Production

Three factors determine the economic profitability of producing calves: calf prices, bred and cull animal prices, and unit cost of production. Prices are primarily determined by market factors. Unit cost of production, on the other hand, is under your direct control.

Nitrogen Fertilizer Giveaway

Now that we have your attention, we'd like to talk about overseeding legumes into grass pastures. We will discuss some success stories, benefits, drawbacks, and ways to make it work. Conservative...

From the Farm: June, 2001

Warm weather brings insects and the need to control them on the farm. We have come up with two portable cattle rubs that are effective.

Vaccine Handling

There is much more to achieving a protective immune response from a vaccine administration than just poking a needle in a calf.

Business Revolution in Agriculture

A brief review of the most common methods used to organize and manage a farm business: sole proprietorship, partnership, and the corporation.


Three species of bullhead catfishes occur in Oklahoma and Texas: black bullhead, yellow bullhead, and brown bullhead. Bullheads provide many hours to enjoyment to anglers, especially beginning fishermen. However, they compete directly with channel catfish and sometimes cause water turbidity problems.

Evaluation of Methods Used to Predict Supplemental Feeding Needs for Cattle

One of the most common requests we get from ranchers is, How can I run more cattle? Other than buying or leasing more property, there are about five ways to do this: increase forage production,...

Looking Back and Forward

As most of you are aware, the Agricultural Division has undergone some significant changes within the past two years. One of the most dramatic was in the division's management structure. The Ag...