2001 Archive

An Editorial: America after September 11th

The national tragedy has many asking, "how do I manage for the future?"

In Search of the Elusive Hoop House Tomato

Results of hoop house tomato variety trials.

Bermudagrass Blues

Drought and heavy grazing pressure have weakened many bermudagrass stands. Here are some steps you can take to improve bermudagrass production.

Using the e-CattleLog

The Noble Research Institute's free listing service for cattle and cattle-related services has a new look and a new category hay for sale.

Bermudagrass Variety Evaluations

A summary of results from current Noble Research Institute bermudagrass variety forage trials.

Stocking Bobwhite

Whether or not you should stock quail depends on your management goals.

From the Farm: October, 2001

Bulk feed purchases can help ranchers keep production costs down. This article examines three bulk feed delivery systems used on Noble Research Institute farms.

Oklahoma Green Gold

Oklahoma State University researchers have developed Oklahoma Green Gold - a new supplementation strategy for stockers on cool-season annual pasture.

Retaining Ownership - Is It For You?

What is retained ownership? Retained ownership involves the participation in the next sector of the cattle production. In other words, if you are a cow-calf producer, you retain ownership in your...

Killing the Factory?

An exploration of the common belief among deer hunters that harvesting does will harm deer populations.