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Noble Research Institute earns awards for BoarBuster videos

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Posted Mar. 21, 2016

ARDMORE, Okla. — The Noble Research Institute recently received the Outstanding Electronic/Digital Media Award from the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society and the Publication and Creativity Award from the Oklahoma Chapter of The Wildlife Society.

Both awards were given for the video Building a Better Hog Trap which highlights the BoarBuster trap system. The awards recognize members of each chapter who make outstanding contributions to natural resource management and conservation through quality publications and media.

"Through the award, the Texas Chapter strives to educate the public on wildlife-related issues and the Chapter's mission," said Stephen Webb, Ph.D., chair of the publication awards. "The Noble Research Institute's video was chosen because of the valuable information provided on feral hog trapping and control techniques, and the quality of video production."

The video reviews the devastating impacts feral hogs present to agricultural operations and native ecosystems, and highlights the shortcomings and lasting consequences associated with conventional techniques to trap them. The content was based on five years of research conducted by the Noble Research Institute and collaborators from Texas A&M University Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, and the National Wildlife Research Center.

"Because of its popularity on social media, this video has and will continue to educate people from all walks of life," said Josh Gaskamp, Noble Research Institute wildlife and range consultant. "For people with little understanding of invasive species, this has been an opportunity to share one of the many issues that natural resource managers deal with on a daily basis."

Feral hogs are an invasive, introduced species that continue to grow at an alarming rate. They are prolific breeders, can travel long distances and spread many diseases. Feral hogs cause many problems through their rooting, wallowing, and destruction of food and water resources. They can also cause costly damage to crops and pastures. They are adaptable when it comes to survival, making permanent removal unlikely. The BoarBuster is a research-based, cutting-edge trapping system developed as a solution for managing the nation's expanding feral hog population. For more information, please visit

Noble Research Institute, LLC ( is an independent nonprofit agricultural research organization dedicated to delivering solutions to great agricultural challenges. Headquartered in Ardmore, Oklahoma, the Noble Research Institute conducts fundamental, translational and applied research; offers no-cost consultation and education to farmers, ranchers and land managers; operates seven research and demonstration farms; and educates students of all ages about science and agriculture. The Noble Research Institute was founded by Lloyd Noble, an Oklahoma oilman and philanthropist, in 1945 as The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation to advance agriculture and land stewardship.

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