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Employee Q&A: If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone, Who Would It Be?

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If you could have dinner with any person, who would it be and why?

Jenn Scott

“I would have dinner with Theodore Roosevelt, a man of many talents who impacted the United States for the better. He was a strong, charismatic and independent man who believed one man could make a difference. I want to hear the stories of the man whose life was a series of adventures: from his time as a rancher and lawman in the West, to those of a hunter whose passion for conservation led to our National Park System, and as a president who believed his role was to represent the people not a political party.”

Jenn Scott,
Youth Education

Jaydeep Kolape

“I would like to have dinner with Elon Musk, a technology entrepreneur, investor and engineer. I am highly inspired by his work and progress. Each of his companies represents a reinvention of an established industry against people who said, “You can’t do that.” During this dinner, I would like to ask him if he can do something for humans on Earth. We still have many people dying every day from hunger. Agriculture is the best answer to tackle hunger issues. Powerful and impactful people like Musk can definitely bring the change in this world. I would ask him if he can do something for agricultural research so we can all join forces to end hunger.”

Jaydeep Kolape,
Cellular Imaging Core
Research Associate

Myoung-Hwan Chi, Ph.D.

“I would like to have dinner with my grandparents who passed away several years ago. They moved from North Korea to South Korea about 65 years ago and never in their lifetime visited their hometown again. I would like to visit their hometown with them and have a traditional Korean noodle dish, Pyongyang naengmyeon, since it is now a symbol of peaceful relationships. That would be a very happy day.”

Myoung-Hwan Chi, Ph.D.,
Senior Research Associate,
Microbial Symbiology

Ryan McNeill

“I would love to have dinner with Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Jobs’ contribution to the personal computing revolution, perhaps the defining advancement of this era, cannot be understated. Also, his unrelenting pursuit of excellence in creating products that are both beautifully designed and highly functional would make him a fascinating dinner guest. Based on his reputation, however, I would be slightly terrified of him.”

Ryan McNeill,
Senior Digital

Karen Hartman

“If I could have dinner with anyone at any period in time, I would choose to have a talk with myself as a young girl. I would encourage her to spend more time learning as much as possible from the wealth of knowledge around her. Now, I see how special that time was and how many opportunities I had spending time with my grandparents, who lived through the early 1900s. They knew how to live off the land and how to use every resource available. I would try to make that young, uninterested girl understand how much those things would benefit her later on in life.”

Karen Hartman,
Greenhouse Operations