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The Art of Agriculture

The Noble Research Institute and Goddard Center collaborate on an art show as the 70th anniversary celebration nears its end.

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Agriculture is beautiful.

From morning sunrises and cowboys on horseback to cattle gently grazing emerald fields, images of agriculture are sown into the cultural tapestry of America.

As part of its 70th anniversary, the Noble Research Institute honored the agricultural lifestyle with "Celebrating Farm Life," a juried art exhibition at the Goddard Center in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

"Agriculture is more than just an industry that produces the fundamental goods that sustain our lives and fuel our society," said Bill Buckner, president and CEO of the Noble Research Institute. "For the men and women in agriculture, it is a way of life. This art exhibit provides a forum for farmers and ranchers to proudly display the beauty of the agricultural life, as well as offers the public a glimpse into a world that many may never experience."

More than 250 community members attended the art show's opening reception on July 7, packing the Goddard Center's four main galleries to view paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, jewelry and fiber artworks.

The exhibit remained open until Sept. 16, just a few days before the end of the 70th anniversary.

The Noble Research Institute launched its platinum anniversary celebration on Sept. 18, 2015, with a reception honoring its employees and founder, Lloyd Noble.

The year-long festivities included welcoming Canadian farmer Chris Koch as part of the Profiles and Perspectives Community Enrichment Series; publishing a year-long series that highlighted the organization's seven decades of contributions to agriculture, research, education and philanthropy; and hosting a special social media campaign featuring the blue cow (see A Little Blue Reminder for more details).

"We have proudly honored the many people and accomplishments of the Noble Research Institute throughout this last year," Buckner said. "This anniversary has been a celebration of where the Noble Research Institute has been but also where we are going. We will continue Mr. Noble's charge to advance agriculture and strengthen communities long into the future, using proven practices as well as new approaches, discoveries and innovations. Our quest never ends."

J. Adam Calaway
Director of Communications and Public Relations