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The Noble Legacy

President's Message

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To our readers,

One truth underscores every action for those who work in the agriculture sector: there will always be more challenges.

Breed a line of wheat resistant to a specific pathogen, and a new rust emerges overseas. Rain finally falls in the Midwest, but California experiences historic drought. Defend the sector against unnecessary overregulation, and another fringe group emerges looking to control what they do not understand or respect.

There will always be challenges lurking on the horizon of agriculture, and the solutions we seek will always require patience and tenacity beyond what we previously thought possible.

Our founder, Lloyd Noble, knew that each generation would encounter challenges unimagined by its forefathers. So he created the Noble Research Institute with a blueprint for how to overcome any obstacle: Attack problems with determination. Embrace innovation as the engine for change. But always let compassion for mankind be your motivation.

Noble believed that if our focus remained on helping others then our determination would be endless, and our sheer resolve would ultimately yield solutions. He once said, "that the only true happiness must come from not only understanding your own needs, but an understanding and willingness to secure the same things for your fellow man."

As we launch our 70th anniversary, we honor Noble's grand vision for establishing an organization dedicated to the vitality of agriculture. We also seek to recognize the accomplishments of generations of employees who form a living legacy through their shared pursuit of this vision.

But we must also pay tribute to the fundamental belief that serves as the foundation for these seven decades of progress. When people think of the Noble Research Institute, I hope that they see the remarkable programs. I hope they marvel at our employees' innovation and skill, and their work to discover answers to agriculture's most pressing questions.

More so, I hope they see the intent behind it. Everything we do every action, every experiment, every program is aimed at helping our fellow man. The solutions will come, as will more challenges, but it is the spirit of this organization that will endure forever.

That is the Noble legacy.


Bill Buckner, President and Chief Executive Officer

Bill Buckner
Former President and Chief Executive Officer