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Legacy: Fall 2013

Debunking GMOs

Although most processed foods in the U.S. now contain GMOs, many still fear the technology and perpetuate myths about the genetic modification of plants. Following are answers to some of the commonly held beliefs about GMOs.

A Noble Journey

In May, I traveled to Uganda with Steve Swigert, a Noble Research Institute agricultural economist, who has spent the last two years providing expert counsel to Watoto Childcare Ministries as they build a sustainable agricultural system to feed 3,000 orphans.

An Orchid by Any Other Name

Kelly Craven, Ph.D., investigates a fungus that lives symbiotically within orchids as a catalyst to boost agricultural production.

Carolyn Young

A native of New Zealand, Carolyn Young, Ph.D., leads a mycology lab at the Noble Research Institute with the goal of producing improved forage grasses, a staple of grazing livestock.

Fundamentals of Fire

Noble Research Institute researchers demonstrate that prescribed fire can play an important role in managing pasture and wildlife habitat.

Live Long and Revolutionize Forage Measuring

Noble Research Associate Josh Pittman has developed a one-of-a-kind vehicle to allow remote sensing of forage quality in a pasture.

Living History

Noble Research Institute funding inspires Oklahoma teachers through the opportunity to experience living history at Colonial Williamsburg.

Looking Back. Growing Forward.

Just shy of a century old, Collier Farms continues to advance with a little help from the Noble Research Institute.

The Future of Art

The Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute allows talented young artists to hone their craft, thanks in part to Noble Research Institute support.