Defining a Future

Morning crests over open range, and golden light reveals a herd of cattle in the distance making their way down a rocky bowl. Behind the long, dusty line are the silhouettes of four cowboys on horseback. Their work-gloved hands wave straw cowboy hats, driving the herd.

A New Solution

Noble Research Institute researcher pioneers new method for building disease resistance in crops

Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson knows life is a lot like golf. It's all about timing, not taking yourself too seriously and being willing to spend a little time in the rough.

Envisioning Tomorrow

Two questions immediately surfaced last fall after the Noble Research Institute Board of Trustees announced the selection of Bill Buckner as its new president.

The Joy of Learning

"When I used to think about agriculture, I'd think about just animals and hay," said Jessie Pullen, 14. "But now I see that it is so much more. It has economics, wildlife, conservation and science in it. It's all really cool stuff."

Safety First

Robert Wells does not usually talk about his 8th birthday. But with a dozen sets of eyes trained on him during the Noble Research Institutes 5th Annual Ag Safety Day, Wells detailed his most painful childhood memory.

Looking Deeper

For the most part, every student in every biology class across the country that uses common light microscopes are typically only looking at dead cells. Death, of course, makes biology the study of living organisms highly problematic.

The Next Chapter

Wheat represents one the cornerstones of the global food foundation, while barley, oats and rye are primary ingredients in everything from bread to beer.