Beyond the Virus

Yiming Bao discovers more than just research niche at Noble Research Institute, he laid the groundwork for the Noble Research Institute's current cellular imaging facility and played an instrumental role in purchasing the institution's first confocal microscope.

Finding A Way To Thrive

To scientists, grass is never just grass. Countless species of plants comprise what the rest of us refer to as grass, some of which - like clover - aren't really grass at all, but pod-bearing legumes. To researchers who study them, grasses and legumes are a diverse and dynamic cornerstone of life and agriculture.

Looking Toward the Future

Billy Cook, Ph.D., became the Senior Vice President and Director of the Agricultural Division this spring, taking over for Wadell Altom, who retired after 43 years of service.

Researcher Profile: Kelly Craven

Kelly Craven enjoys the road less traveled. Months after earning his bachelor's degree, Craven placed graduate school on hold and struck out on his own, shaking off the status quo for a little unfamiliar terrain. He bounced from the Bavarian Alps to the Mediterranean on a personal quest of discovery that honed his scientific aspirations and provided him confidence to blaze his own trail.

The Real CSI

Mass spectrometry has managed to creep into the mainstream consciousness - albeit without most people realizing it's even there. Popular television shows like CSI have proliferated images of investigators collecting samples from crime scenes and then analyzing them in the laboratory to understand their chemical makeup. That's analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry. That's Lloyd Sumner's world - without the crime, of course.