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Spotlight and Daylight Cruise Survey of Deer: Collecting and Interpreting Data

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White-tailed deer are the primary game animal in Oklahoma and Texas, which means a substantial amount of interest is dedicated to them. A variety of companies makes everything from "gadgets and goodies" that allegedly increase hunters' success to minerals and feed that supposedly increase deer's population and size and make them produce trophy-class antlers. Also, recreational leases are becoming commonplace: ranchers needing supplemental income receive it from sportsmen seeking excellent hunting opportunities.

Obviously, the white-tailed deer is valuable, and its management should not be taken lightly. Two of the many aspects of deer management are habitat or population. This booklet will examine one segment of the latter: collecting and analyzing spotlight and daylight cruise survey data.

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Russell Stevens served as the strategic consultant manager and a wildlife and range consultant at Noble Research Institute. He received a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology from the Southeastern Oklahoma State University and a master’s degree in animal science (range and wildlife option) from Angelo State University.