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Ag News and Views: November 2017

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How to Evaluate Property for Raising Cattle

When buying land with the goal of producing cattle, consider stocking rate, forage quality and type, soil type and fertility, terrain and slope of the land, water sources in each pasture, number of pastures and traps, working pen availability and condition, fence condition and type, and other infrastructure.

Landowner Resources in Texas and Oklahoma

Resources for landowners with white-tailed deer management goals.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Crop Land

Consider terrain, soil type and fertility, water, weed and brush encroachment, and forage resources before buying land with the goal of crop or hay production.

What to Consider When Buying Land for Specialty Agriculture

Options for growing specialty crops are limited by what a property can support. Consider soil, water, climate and location when buying land for specialty crop production.

What to Know When Negotiating a Land Transaction

Avoid surprises during a land transaction by considering economic factors, such as the prices of depreciable assets and who will pay what at closing.