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Ag News and Views: March 2009

Are You Making Money?

What does it take to determine if a ranch or farm is making money? Each farm or ranch has its own set of specific circumstances and reasons for being in the business.

Calving Seasons

On some ranches, hay feeding is caused by the calving season, regardless of the stocking rate. This is because cows in late gestation and early lactation have nutrient requirements that often dramatically exceed the nutrient content of available forage.

Commingling and Marketing Value-Added Cattle

It is well understood that marketing a uniform group of steers or heifers that have a well-characterized health management history has the potential to increase the animals' value and producer profitability.

New Endwall Design Supports Hoop House Structures

One choice facing any grower using a portable hoop house structure is deciding on the type of endwall to install.

Noble Research Institute Sources for Plant Identification

The plants that surround us are often overlooked in the day-to-day routines of many. In fact, most people have no idea of the types of plants that exist in the field.

Summer Annual Variety Trials

In the summer of 2008, the Noble Research Institute conducted replicated small plot (5'x 20') variety trials of forage sorghums, sorghum sudans, sudan grasses and pearl millets.