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Ag News and Views: February 2006

Answer Key Questions Before Choosing a Water Pump System

Every water pumping option has good and bad attributes. It will depend on your goals and requirements as to which system is the best. Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing a system.

Considerations to Reduce Further Effects of Drought on Your Operation

Fires in Oklahoma and Texas and record-low rainfall have caused many people who earn a living on the land to make decisions they have not faced in many years. Here are some items for producers to think about as they formulate drought-management plans

If Thinning or Removing a Pecan Orchard, 'Wood' You Consider This?

If you are thinning or removing a pecan orchard, it may be beneficial to look at marketing options for getting rid of the wood rather than having to burn it all.

State Programs Help Landowners Manage White-tailed Deer Populations

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have programs to help land managers better manage deer habitat and deer populations. Here's an overview of each state's offering.

What to Do With the Wheat Crop?

Assuming the region has received sufficient moisture between now and February to allow a wheat crop to develop this spring, several options are available to a producer with a wheat crop start thinking about the economics of graze-out versus harvest for grain.