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Consulting Teams Begin Work in Specific Regions

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Most of you are aware that the Agricultural Division provides consulting services to land managers in 47 counties in southern Oklahoma and north-central Texas. In the past, all four consulting teams were assigned cooperators across the entire service area. Our cooperators are already aware of this change, but we also wanted all our readers to know that on May 1, 2004, each team started working in a specific region (see map). Also, notice that all four teams will continue to serve Carter and Love counties.

This change allows us to be more efficient with travel time, accomplish more with small groups and increase interaction with agricultural businesses and agencies. We are also considering more educational events away from the Noble Research Institute’s facilities. If you have suggestions about how we can work together to provide useful information to land managers in your region, please contact one of the team managers at (580) 223-5810. They are: Hugh Aljoe, NF-1; Paul Joerger, NF-2; Matt Mattox, NF-3 and Fred Schmedt, NF-4.