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So Many Infrared-triggered Cameras to Choose From - Where Do I Start?

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Infrared-triggered cameras are becoming increasingly popular among wildlife managers and enthusiasts. Their uses are many and varied and include population surveys, wildlife photography, hunting aids and trespass control, to name a few. The increased popularity of these cameras has given rise to many different makes and models offered by numerous manufacturers. A first-time buyer can certainly get overwhelmed in a hurry.

Noble Research Institute wildlife staff often gets questions about infrared-triggered cameras. Typically, we are asked which cameras we recommend, how much they cost, where they can be purchased, etc. In an effort to address many of the questions raised and assist prospective buyers in product research and purchase, we have compiled a listing of various cameras (54 still camera models and 11 video models) and associated features, costs, and manufacturer and retailer information.

This market is very dynamic, so new models with new features are being developed while some older models are being dropped from production. This being the case, the list completed during summer 2004 is already somewhat outdated, but should still be a very good starting point for prospective buyers. If you are interested in a copy of the list, contact a Noble Research Institute wildlife specialist, and we will be glad to e-mail or mail you a copy.

I would also like to mention that inclusion on the list does not imply our endorsement of the product, nor does omission imply dissatisfaction. We made an effort to include all units for which we could find information however, we did not field test them.

Wildlife intern Josh Gaskamp contributed to this article.