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White-Tailed Deer Information to be Shared at Sept. 25, 2004 Seminar

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Posted Jul. 31, 2004

A White-tailed Deer Seminar will be held at the Pontotoc Technology Center Auditorium at 601 West 33rd Street in Ada, Okla., from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 25, 2004. On-site registration starts at 8:15 a.m. Lunch will be provided. Afterwards, a brief session will occur at the Noble Research Institute Wildlife Unit for those who want more information, want to see some things in person and are willing to travel 20 miles to the Wildlife Unit.

For the past ten years, we have been conducting white-tailed deer management workshops at the Noble Research Institutes Wildlife Unit and Coffey Ranch during September that communicated basic principles about white-tailed deer biology and management. This year, we will vary from the format used during the previous ten years rather than providing a general overview of white-tailed deer biology and management, we will emphasize new information learned about white-tailed deer during 22 years of deer research at the Noble Research Institute Wildlife Unit.

A few topics addressed in previous deer workshops, such as food habits, aging and individual antler development, will also be addressed in the Sept. 25 seminar, but will be presented in a different manner. Plus, new subjects will be addressed in this seminar that were not addressed in previous deer workshops, such as male deer breeding success, female deer group dynamics, infrared-triggered camera deer surveys and the Noble Research Institute drop-net system for trapping deer. Four seminar topics will be further addressed and shown during the late afternoon Wildlife Unit session including deer drop net, infrared-triggered cameras, antler development and deer food plants. A preliminary agenda for the seminar is provided at the end of this article.

Prior deer workshops occurred on weekdays, but this seminar will be on a Saturday. Workshop attendance previously was limited to the first 40 registrants and advertising was focused toward Noble Research Institute cooperators, but this seminar is open to cooperators and the public with room for up to 412 registrants.

Pontotoc Technology Center Auditorium Presentations
(9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)

  • Aging White-tailed Deer by Tooth Wear
  • Food Habits of White-tailed Deer in the Cross Timbers
  • The Noble Research Institute Drop-net System for Trapping Deer
  • Breeding Success of Male White-tailed Deer
  • Use of Infrared-triggered Cameras for Deer Surveys
  • A Pictorial Presentation of Antler Development in Male White-tailed Deer
  • Doe Group Dynamics


Noble Research Institute Wildlife Unit Presentations (3:30 p.m. to about 5:30 p.m.)

  • Infrared-triggered Cameras
  • Drop Net
  • Food Plant Identification and Diversity
  • Antlers