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Ag News and Views: April 2004

A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way in Buying the "Right" Bull

Purchasing the "right" bull can be simple - if you make a plan before the sale and stick to it once you're there.

A Raised Bed Designed With Your Back In Mind

At the Noble Research Institute, we've researched and demonstrated the benefits of using permanent raised beds in both commercial and hobby gardening, and recent efforts have focused on the development of a relatively inexpensive high-profile raised bed.

Barrier Offers Relief From Beaver-Created Flooding

A cost-effective, easily portable barrier that prevents drainage cuts in beaver dams from being repaired could offer temporary relief from beaver-created floodwater.

Consider These Items Before Spraying

Spring has arrived, and many ranchers' thoughts turn to killing weeds. Before you hook up the trusty (or in some cases, rusty) sprayer and give 'er a go, think about the these things.

Don't Rely on Weather Predictions in 2004 - Use These Strategies Instead

I've thrown my crystal ball away for good and vowed never to predict the weather again - but I will share with you my five weather-related strategies for 2004.

Producers Can Reduce Costs

I believe management factors have a more significant impact on yields and beef production today than does the weather.