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Ag News and Views: May 2002

Can Drought be Predicted?

Precision prediction of drought is not feasible yet but drought is a regular occurrence and managers should have a plan to overcome at least a short-term seasonal drought.

Deer Management, Controlled Burning Groups Gaining Popularity

In many instances, it is easier for an organization of individuals with common interests, rather than one person operating alone, to achieve goals.

Farm Size Depends on Economic Factors

Producers who want to earn their entire living from farming or ranching should calculate the volume of sales needed to meet their financial goals and fully employ their labor and management resources.

Fertilization Helps Increase the Efficiency of Rainfall

Proper fertilization affects the efficiency with which bermudagrass uses rainfall during the growing season.

Livestock Industry's Biosecurity is Everyone's Responsibility

The livestock industry's biosecurity is not the sole responsibility of the federal and state governments - all entities related to animal agriculture must be educated on disease prevention, identification, treatment and containment.

Selection, Planting Methods are Key for Healthy Trees

Choosing the right tree and planting in an appropriate site using proper methods goes a long way toward growing healthy trees.