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Ag News and Views: October 1998

1998 Hoop House Cut Flower Trial

Production of cut flowers is currently experiencing a revival across the country. In Oklahoma interest in this alternative enterprise is increasing as evidenced by the hundreds of individuals attending Extension sponsored workshops.

Bermuda Grass Variety Evaluation

The bermudagrass variety test has been clipped four times thus far during the 1998 growing season. An abundant accumulation of soil profile moisture during the winter and early spring was apparently sufficient to sustain the grasses through the early part of the growing season.


Bloat can be a problem in cattle grazing high quality grasses and legumes. Bloat problems will vary with species of animals and among individuals of the same species.

Electrical Devices for Managing Beaver Damage

The most effective lethal control techniques are trapping and night shooting. Although the two lethal control methods are effective, new beavers may move back into an area. This led us to the innovation of an electrical flotation device that deters beavers from plugging overflow inlets.

Is My Water Well Going Dry?

Certainly some aquifers do have limited water and now is the time to determine those characteristics. Running a simple pump test will provide facts about the well for future planning.

What About This Fall?

The purpose of this article is not to project fall calf prices, but it is food for thought. Decreasing the cost of production or increasing the projected selling price will increase the maximum purchase price.