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Rye-Wheat-Ryegrass Nitrogen Rate Study

Posted Sep. 1, 1997

Lime increases rye-wheat-ryegrass forage yields and soil pH values. This is the first year of results after applying 2.5 tons lime to the long term Rye-Wheat-Ryegrass nitrogen rate study at the Red River Research Farm.

Graph 1 demonstrates the difference in total forage yield between lime and no lime over a 0-400 pounds/acre of nitrogen (N) range. Lime increased the forage yields at all N rates and the average forage yield increase due to lime over these N rates was 1359 pounds of forage per acre.

Each treatment was soil sampled in June. The soil pH value for each treatment is displayed in Graph 2. Lime increased the soil pH value at all N rates for an overall average increase of 0.76 pH units. Though only one year of data has been obtained after applying the lime, it is felt that the results are noteworthy and bear watching over the next few years.