Cover Crop Series: Indi Gold Indian Mustard

Jim Johnson, soils and crops consultant, reviews Indi Gold Indian Mustard.

Cover Crop Series: Winfred Hybrid Turnip

Jim Johnson, soils and crops consultant, reviews Winfred Hybrid Turnip.

Cover Crop Series: Hydan PPS Sudan

Jim Johnson, soils and crops consultant, reviews Hydan PPS Sudan.

Cover Crop Series: BMR Dwarf Sorghum

Jim Johnson, soils and crops consultant, reviews BMR Dwarf Sorghum.

Prescribed burning aids producers in land management

Prescribed burning is an effective technique in land resource management, but it must be used in a safe manner. The Noble Research Institute, Oklahoma State University Extension Service, Oklahoma Prescribed Burn Association (OPBA), and the Oaks and Prairies Joint Venture will co-host a Dormant Season Prescribed Burn Field Day to discuss the benefits and proper use of prescribed burning for land management.

Building New Learning Experiences for You

Hugh Aljoe, director of producer relations, welcomes Noble News and Views readers to 2018 and offers a new opportunity to stay connected with the Noble Research Institute. Sign up for the latest information and learning opportunities.

What a Pesticide Label Tells You

Jim Johnson, soils and crops consultant, outlines the important information to notice when considering a pesticide, including who can use the pesticide, its active ingredients, where and when it can be sprayed, what it controls or suppresses, and how to use it.

Consider Your Options: Graze-out vs. Harvesting Wheat

Economist Myriah Johnson offers advice to beef producers considering whether they should pull cattle off wheat pastures so grain can be harvested or leave the cattle through graze-out.

Financial Records Are Important to Operational Success

Keeping financial records for the farm or ranch can help a producer make operational decisions, like whether or not to replace the feed truck. Jason Bradley, agricultural economics consultant, points out the value of keeping your pencil sharp.

Texoma Cattlemen's Conference Moved to June, Field Day Added

The Noble Research Institute will host the 2018 Texoma Cattlemen's Conference on June 15. A field day will be offered the day before. The annual conference provides producers with updates on the latest beef cattle production and land management research.

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