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Sprayer calibration promotes safe, effective pesticide use

Resources are available to help properly calibrate boom, boomless and air blast sprayers.

Policymakers, retailers influence production agriculture

The challenges the industry faces today are not as clear-cut as just producing more with less or keeping a few more records to broaden marketing opportunities.

Research shows economics of pasture conversion

Benefits of nativegrass mixtures on the Southern Great Plains have increased interest in effective methods of converting improved pastureland areas to nativegrass pastures.

Agriculture remains better positioned for future

The agriculture industry is much better positioned to weather the next few years than the industry was in the 1980s.

Alliance starts premium replacement female program

The program is designed to help producers identify and select the right animal to become a profitable cow on their ranch.

Niche market opportunities emerge for rye

There are three emerging niche uses for rye of which farmers in the region should be aware.

Cow-calf research evaluates fall, winter forage systems

Data and comments from Year 1 of a cow-calf study as part of Forage 365.

Few spiders pose serious health risks to people

Of the approximately 3,500 species of spiders identified in the U.S. and Canada, no more than 21 species pose serious health risks to people.

Field days demonstrate small grain varieties

Five varieties were planted in two-drill-width wide plots (with four replications) at five producer sites in western Oklahoma.

Photographs can help collect, analyze animal data

The use of photographs in science is increasing, with several recent developments and applications.