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It's all about the children

It is easy to get caught up in the process of development and forget the "why" behind it. Seeing the kids reminds you just why you are here.

Arriving in Uganda

I arrived in Uganda just a few days ago and already a lot has happened.

Embarking on a journey of discovery

Today I leave for Uganda as the next Noble-Watoto Fellow.

Webale and Welaba, Uganda. (Thank you and Goodbye, Uganda.)

It's with bittersweet sentiments that I must finally say, "I'm heading home."

Me as a Step-in Supervisor

When the goat farm supervisor takes a few days of vacation, Emily, the Noble-Watoto Scholar, steps in.

Some Surprises of Africa

I've been accumulating a list of things that have been eye opening to me here in Uganda.

An Escape into the Wild

My parents, husband and I went on a safari at Murchison Falls National Park.

My Parents in Africa

My mom has always said that she and my dad are "travelers, not tourists." I always chuckled at that comment because they had just returned from their eighth cruise or toured around England.

The Case of the Kids

Here at the goat farm, there are about 120 goats. The majority of those are milking and producing goats, as it should be.

A Change in Direction

Local connections and marketplace encourage Watoto's vegetable farm toward a new direction.