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Learning to teach...

Each day, I remind my students that we are learning alongside one another.

Restoration Gateway

Founded by Janice and Dr. Tim McCall in 2007, Restoration Gateway serves as a home and school for orphans.

Moving pieces

The operations at Lubbe, Buloba and Suubi are deeply intertwined.

Finding my way back

It is with great joy and gratitude that I have found my way back to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Oh how times flies

It's hard to think about leaving a place you have come to love. I have done it before and I know I will have to do it again, but this time seems a little different. 

Voice of the voiceless

I have learned a lot of acronyms this week while working with PELUM Uganda. PELUM stands for Participatory Ecological Land Use Management. PELUM is a network of 53 like-minded organizations supporting small holder farmers and ecological land use.

It takes a village

I met some incredibly innovative people that gave and gave but only asked one thing from me: that I share their stories.

Small farmers make big differences

From city to village, GPS-directed tractors to hand hoes, the last week has put agriculture into a new perspective.

Growing Community

Agriculture is about relationships. Seed and soil, technique and environment, farmer and community are all relationships important to agriculture.

The Complexity of Simplicity

Agriculture is more than just crops and animals. Agriculture is a way of life.