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Sink, Swim ... or float

The first day of managing a farm for Watoto is not nearly as a scary the second time around. Like before, I was hoping and wishing for a simple, steady week of management, but of course this is...

Following Footsteps

When I first began my time here in Uganda, I expected to be following and working alongside the managers at the various Watoto Sustainability Projects to expand my knowledge. I have been learning...

Challenges and Flexibility

In Uganda, no plans you make are certain. I have learned this lesson repeatedly in the past two weeks. People are late. Traffic slows operations. Products don't always arrive on time. Repairs don't...

Week full of hope

I am full of hope, and I'm ready to go to work.

Managing to manage

During the weekend leading up to my week of management, I prayed hard that the week might be easy. Apparently that's not what was in the plan, and honestly I am OK with it.

Suubi sustainability

My first day at the Watoto Suubi Sustainability project was a Monday, and what a Monday it was.

Prepping for the Pearl

After getting the fantastic news that I was the new Noble-Watoto Master of International Agriculture Program fellow, I immediately began trying to make plans for my two months of work in Kampala, Uganda.

Where do I begin?

Apoyo matek, webale nyo and thank you, Uganda. My heart is full.

Life in the bush

It will be exceedingly difficult to leave this place, a place that feels so familiar to me now.

How to raise a village

Building the "village" of RG has not been easy; there have been moments of uncertainty but never a lack of faith in the purpose and mission of this place.